Kearnan College highly values that the school and parents must work in partnership to optimise educational outcomes for our students.

The College invites the wider community to take a very active role in our students’ schooling through Parents & Friends activities. All parents and guardians are automatically members of the P&F committee and are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

Whilst P&F events serve to provide students with further resources, these events also provide parents and guardians with an ideal opportunity to enrich their school community networks. Being a parent can sometimes be a lonely experience; cultivating meaningful relationships with other members of the community can prove to be very beneficial.

The College community has a very passionate P&F Executive who tirelessly dedicate their time to a variety of events. For these events to be successful, active support from the school community is needed.

2021 P&F Executive:

President: Leah Kilrain

Vice President: 

Treasurer: Lee-Anne Pardini

Secretary: Naomi Dronow


Previous P&F initiatives have led to items such as the following:

  • Extra lunchtime resources for students

  • Sport equipment

  • Guest speakers/Authors who specialise in areas such as emotional health and wellbeing

  • Students’ Mathletics subscriptions being purchased.


For further information regarding the P&F, please contact the College at

2021 Board Members:

Board Chair: Dianna Western

Vice Chair: Shayne Forth

Secretary: Nicole Giblett


Other Board members: Domenica Daniels, Jo Ipsen, Larnie Hanratty, Luke Bentley

Ex-Officio members: Carol Geurts & Fr Edwin Ocho

Click here to read the 2020 Board Chairperson report