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Early Childhood Education 

We believe:

  • That, as a child’s first educator, parents are an integral part of their child’s learning.

  • In considering the needs of the whole child and acknowledge the interrelationship of the language, cognitive, creative arts, physical, social, and spiritual programmes that we provide.

  • In providing a safe and nurturing early learning environment which caters for all needs through a differentiated curriculum. We aim to provide stimulating and engaging learning experiences.

  • In the importance of oral language in the development of the whole child and acknowledge that this is an area of high importance that underpins all learning.

  • That play is integral to quality teaching and learning.

  • In providing a programme that is sequential, explicit, self-reflective, and allows for skill and concept development. Planning is a cyclical process based on the changing needs of the children in our class.


A Unique Child:

The starting point for all curriculum decisions will be the students themselves and their individual needs (we) seek to promote integrated personal development (that) relates curriculum content to students’ real life situations’ (Bishop’s Mandate).

We believe that every child can learn and we aim to be proactive in meeting students’ needs through early intervention programmes and other relevant support structures.

  • We value the development of each child’s resilience, initiative and independence.

  • We work towards developing a child’s intrinsic motivation and their enthusiasm for life-long learning.

  • We embrace each child’s cultural heritage and use this to celebrate the diversity within our community.

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