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Senior School at Kearnan College encompasses Years 10, 11 and 12. Our students are able to access a wide range of programs that provide challenging academic opportunities, while meeting the needs of our students and preparing them for life beyond school. We seek to maximise the learning of each individual student, encouraging and assisting them in reaching their full potential and attaining their goals.

Our Year 10 curriculum enhances student learning and supports the transition to Year 11 and 12 courses. It introduces students to Senior School where they can sample ATAR courses at a Year 11 level, allowing them to demonstrate their ability and to make informed choices as to their future education. Students in Year 10 are able to undertake subjects that can be credited towards The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).  As such our students can work towards secondary graduation over three years instead of two, which is the case in the majority of Western Australian schools.

A range of VET and General courses cater for students wishing to follow a vocational pathway.  Our strong links with the local community offer enhanced training opportunities for students. The Structured Workplace Learning Program enables students to gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience in a work environment. Additionally students who enrol in a School Based Traineeship receive invaluable assistance from both College staff and the business community.



A range of certificate courses are offered in Year 10, 11 and 12. These courses enable students to complete one or more industry-recognised qualifications while at school, in addition to potentially providing an alternative pathway to other post-school qualifications offered by institutions such as South Regional TAFE (formerly TAFE).


All career and subject counselling is conducted by our experienced, skilled and knowledgeable staff.


Kearnan College offers courses in the following areas in Senior School:

  • Religion and Life

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Biology

  • Career and Enterprise

  • Chemistry

  • Design Graphics

  • English

  • Geography

  • Human Biology

  • Mathematics Applications

  • Mathematics Methods

  • Mathematics Specialist

  • Mathematics Essential

  • Ancient History

  • Physical Education Studies

  • Physics

  • Workplace Learning

  • Visual Arts

  • UPC (University Preparation Course)

Certificate courses are offered in:

  • Business

  • Sport Coaching

  • Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts (Graphic Design focus)

Year 11 Retreat.jpg

The Kearnan experience


Our Senior School provides Years 10, 11 and 12 students with a broad range of courses and pathways which suit all interests and abilities. With our supportive pastoral care initiatives and dedicated teachers, our senior students have the opportunity to make the most of the College’s academic and extra-curricular programs, ensuring they maximise their potential and are well-prepared for their future beyond secondary education. Our Senior School includes computer facilities, science laboratories and other design and technology commonly found in 21st Century classrooms.  

Throughout the year Senior School students take part the in following range of activities and events each of which complement the curriculum and provide additional learning opportunities for students:

  • Canberra Study Tour & Ski Trip

  • Project Endeavour for Year 10 & 11 students attending Country Week (School Sport WA)

  • Yr 10 Pathways Day

  • Yr 10 Skills for life

  • Yr 10 Retreat

  • Yr 11 Retreat

  • Yr 12 Retreat

  • Yr 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner

  • Australian Mathematics Competition

  • Defence Force Recruiting

  • Kearnan College Ball

  • Project  Compassion - Caritas

  • Amanda Young Foundation

  • Accident Emergency RISK Program

  • University Visits

  • First Aid Training

  • Mursell Shield (School Sport WA Tennis)

  • South West Schools Triathlon (School Sport WA)

  • Keys for Life (pre-driver program)

  • Homework Club

Extra Curricular


Our Senior School students take part in a number of extra curricular activities throughout the year which provide a variety of educational and social skills, knowledge and experiences to students in conjunction with the curriculum offered in the classroom. We have our own interhouse swimming and athletics carnivals along with representative teams travelling to Perth to take part in the Associated Catholic Colleges interschool swimming and athletics events. Students also have the opportunity to compete in a range of School Sport WA competitions.

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