Kearnan College offers a smart, practical uniform at a reasonable cost. The uniform shop opens on Thursdays from 8.20am to 9.30am. Some second hand items may be available.


Uniform shop volunteer support is important as it helps limit uniform prices. If you are able to assist during shop opening hours or with stocktaking please contact the College at admin@kearnan.wa.edu.au.


The College’s uniform allows all students to be equal; there is no demand to keep up with the fashions or to declare allegiance with a particular social grouping. This gives students freedom to be themselves.


Our uniform is also in itself an identity; it declares the students of Kearnan College. As members of this community, it is a requirement to be correctly attired and neatly groomed.


All students are expected to wear the correct uniform each day. Where the correct uniform cannot be worn, then a student must have a written note from a parent outlining the reason.


Specific uniform expectations can be found HERE:

Our uniform order forms can be found by clicking on the relevant link: