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Kearnan College Motto - Seek Truth

The College crest represents our community’s values. The Cross for faith, the Dove for all the gifts of the Spirit and the circle of wholeness, along with the College motto Seek Truth, signify our belief that the way of finding truth is the way of God. 

Kearnan College Vision Statement

Kearnan College is a nurturing, Co-educational PK - 12 Catholic community, dedicated to recognising the gifts and talents of every individual inspiring them to reach their full potential.


Kearnan College Mission Statement


The Kearnan journey starts with our Mission which is influenced by our founders, the Sisters of St Joseph.  It is enduring and declares our core purpose as a College. It serves our inspiration for our actions, decisions and ultimately, our legacy.


Kearnan College, comprising students, staff, parents, St Joseph’s Parish and the wider community, seeks to acknowledge the fundamental dignity of each individual.


Together we seek truth in our relationship with God, in ourselves, with each other and with the environment.


We aim to ensure that each individual is inspired to reach their full potential; to think, to learn, to achieve, to care and to serve.

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