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Catholic Ethos


In order to preserve the Catholic ethos of the College, non-Catholic enrolments are restricted to 30% of the student population.  Parents of non-Catholic children should be aware that they need to know and support the goals of the College.  Formal religious education classes and College liturgical functions are an integral part of the curriculum for all students, whether Catholic or not.


Enrolment Priorities

Numbers of students for each class are set by the College in accordance with Catholic Education Commission guidelines.  Vacancies are filled according to the following priority order:


  1. Catholic students with siblings presently or previously enrolled

  2. Non-Catholic students with siblings presently or previously enrolled

  3. Catholic students from other Catholic schools

  4. Other Catholic students

  5. Non-Catholic students from other Catholic schools

  6. Other non-Catholic students


 Enrolment Procedure

Parents/Guardians complete an Application for Enrolment form (available from the College office or download HERE) and return it to the College.


Parents/Guardians and students attend an interview with the Principal and sign an enrolment agreement.  The Principal will then advise each applicant of the success or otherwise of their application.

Principal's Discretion

The acceptance or otherwise of an application is at the discretion of the Principal.

Based on information provided – the Application for Enrolment and further information from the current school (where applicable) Parish Priest (where applicable) and any other relevant data, the parents/guardian can be granted an interview. 

On acceptance of the student, parents/guardians are requested to complete an Enrolment Form and Enrolment Agreement.  Secondary students also sign the Enrolment Agreement. 

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