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As we near our 2025 centenary, the College’s facilities have come a long way from most humble beginnings. Kearnan College has developed into a school with outstanding facilities within picturesque grounds.


Catering for students of all year groups, our facilities have been purposely designed to meet students’ varying needs. 




As a Parish School, our College is situated on the grounds of Manjimup’s beautiful St Joseph’s Parish Church, which enhances the Spiritual atmosphere of our College. This regularly affords students the opportunity to escape the intensity of modern life by attending Mass or, for our younger students, the opportunity to celebrate various Liturgies.


We highly value our relationship with our Parish community and work in partnership with the Parish to nurture students through their Sacramental journey. The College is fortunate to also have use of the Parish Centre, a spacious resource which easily accommodates College examinations and a variety of other events.




Our modern Sister Irene McCormack Library is an innovative learning space which has become the collaborative hub of the college. The recipient of a 2013 Building Excellence Award, the Library was creatively designed to allow staff and students to cohesively join together as one, while still having the ability to hold individual classes as necessary. In our Library, it is quite normal to have Year 12 students studying English in one part of the Library whilst in another, Year 1 students are sitting on the mat enjoying reading time.

The Library continually looks to balance the latest technology with the most popular fiction to ensure the needs of all users are met. An engaging venue, the Library is often utilised to showcase student work. A most popular spot for our students, the library is open before school and at lunch time for the students to gather.


Nature Based Playground


Our Nature Based Playground provides evidence of the dedication pledged by our wider community. With the majority of materials and labour being donated by parents, guardians and students, the College is most proud of this playground.


It is a pleasure to watch pure joy radiate from our younger students’ faces as they dance across the stepping logs, skip over the swing bridge, or construct megacities in the sandpit. 

Nature Based PLayground
Middle School Block

Middle School Block


With the College attracting a number of secondary enrolments from outlying areas, a well-considered Middle School transition is a pertinent enabler of student success. The College appoints a Middle School Coordinator, who greatly assists students with their secondary school transition.

During term times, the middle school block hosts the Secondary School’s Homework Club. Occurring on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30pm-5.30pm, the Homework Club provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and request extra assistance from teachers. Students also greatly enjoy the delicious chicken and salad sandwiches supplied by the school canteen.


In addition to this, the College has a designated Middle School block for our younger secondary students. This modern learning space contains a central break out area, which provides students with the opportunity to enrich their learning. With Year 7 students allocated the same classroom for most lessons, the Middle School block provides the ideal bridge from primary to secondary schooling.


Science Laboratories


With the wider community enveloping a range of relevant employment opportunities from farming, to mining, to environmental work, to the Southern Forests Food Council, the College recognises the importance of Science. The College currently offers a wide range of related subjects to its Senior School students, including Chemistry, Physics, Human Biology and Biology.


Our recently redeveloped Science Laboratories provide students with engaging modern learning spaces. The periphery of these modern learning spaces provide students with the opportunity to engage in experiments while the central aspect of the room is in the form of a normal classroom.

Science Lab
Design and Technology

Design and Technology Centre


With the Warren-Blackwood region renowned for its beautiful timber, the College’s Design and Technology Centre contains an abundance of specialised machinery which helps students harness their woodwork skills.


As a distinct advantage of our K-12 environment, upper primary students are availed the opportunity to experience the Design and Technology Centre. Not only do these students become accustomed to associated complex computer programs, but they also complete some woodwork and metalwork units. 

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