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All of our students are part of a caring and supportive community which encourages them to realise their full potential. Students can face a broad range of challenges, from social to physical or emotional difficulties that may impact on their learning.

Our learning support team works collaboratively with teachers, families and external service providers to ensure each individual child’s needs are catered for. At Kearnan, our aim is to provide the resources and environment needed to support the education and development of the whole person.

Support Services


Learning Enrichment Coordinator K – 12: Francine Nock
Head of Pastoral Care  K - 12: Megan Burvill

ASDAN Coordinator: Francine Nock 

All of our classroom teachers understand the importance of a fully differentiated curriculum and Education Assistants are utilised in classrooms to provide general learning support. Small group sessions or concentrated learning support is available in both the junior and secondary schools with MiniLit and Reading Tutor specific intervention programs offered.


ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a not-for-profit, curriculum development organisation and internationally recognised awarding body based in the United Kingdom. ASDAN offers a wide range of curriculum programs and qualifications for all abilities and age groups. These flexible and engaging programmes and qualifications help young people develop skills for learning, work and life.


Students progress through each award and receive an accredited ASDAN certificate when they complete the award. All senior school ASDAN courses are SCSA endorsed programs and when completed results are recorded on student’s WASSA and/or WACE. Further information on ASDAN courses can be found at the ASDAN website. 

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